Gravestone for Borders ancestors names

Ancestors Names in the Borders

Neidpath Castle is particularly affiliated to past owners Fraser, Douglas and Hay, and there is the connection with Sir Simon Fraser of Neidpath who commanded the victorious army against the English in 1302 at Roslin, which eased somewhat the great pain of Wallace's defeat at Falkirk.

All the Border Common Ridings I know are being targetted to attract our old Reiver families e.g. Scott, Turnbull, Armstrong, Johnstone, Kerr, Elliott, Borthwick and Maxwell to name just some. (From Iain Simpson of Reel Private Tours of Scotland).

Also Nesmith, Naesmyth, Baird, Burnet, Stewart, Veitch, Hay, Ker, Rutherford, Waugh and Shillinglaw.


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