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The home of Sir Walter Scott

Abbotsford is situated on the banks of the River Tweed and was the home of Sir Walter Scott, the prolific 19th century novelist. Scott created a style of romanticism that would heavily influence the development of the novel in world literature.

Nowhere else in the world can evoke the power of this romanticism than Abbotsford which, uniquely, was designed by Scott himself. When you touch the bricks and mortar of Abbotsford, you are touching the mind of Sir Walter Scott. The beautiful house and grounds provide a way in which visitors can understand and interpret Scott’s philosophy. As one of the first examples of the Scottish Baronial style the house also holds an important place in the history of architecture and design. The historic apartments comprise of the Study where Scott wrote many of his great works, the Library where the ceiling copies the design within Rosslyn Chapel, The Chinese Drawing Room with original hand painted wallpaper, The Armoury, the Entrance Hall and The Dining Room in which Sir Walter died.  All of these rooms remain largely untouched since the death of Sir Walter Scott in 1832.

The landscape composition is outstanding in aesthetic, scenic and architectural terms and its association with Scott gives it outstanding national value. There are woodland and riverside walks, a walled garden and the atmospheric Morris Garden.

Facilities for visitors include a free to access Visitor Centre with Exhibition, restaurant and high quality gift shop and children's playtrail. Audio tours and pre booked guided tours.

Parking and access for disabled visitors is provided.

Abbotsford features in our Art Lover’s Weekend suggested visitor itinerary.



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